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Reduce distraction and stress all day by turning screen light into a source of mindfulness. Lumiate helps you focus and relax during all online activity. When it's time to take a break, invest in your mind through guided meditation.

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The patented method to make screen time mindful

Why meditate to regress hours, or minutes later? What if you could revisit that meditative state throughout the day? The Light Cycle pulses screen hue to guide meditation and support mindfulness without interruption. Then, practice Lumiate's guided meditations for lasting impact.

Sustain mindfulness

Anchor to your mindful state and meditate by following the breath-like Cycle.

Uninterrupted focus

Like reading by candlelight, the Cycle fades into the background. If distracted, notice the Cycle to return to the present.

Guided meditation for growth

Get more from mindfulness by sharpening meditative skills that work in any context. Save time by growing in our Fast Track.

I use Lumiate when I'm looking to study, work, or just unwind. My ability to sustain focus has improved and I find that screen-time is less draining. Honestly if you use a computer, you should give Lumiate a try.

Berkeley Souza

I tried Lumiate to help with anxiety and distraction outside of the office. In part because it goes to work while I work, Lumiate is the first meditation app that I have used consistently.

Athina Schmidt

For me, mindfulness equals productivity. For my job, I have to live on the internet and social media; distraction is just a part of the equation. Lumiate has been a gentle reminder that has kept me mindful. Even on Twitter!

Jack Heyer
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Start by calming the mind. Go further for greater benefit.

Stress Management

Sometimes stress is a useful response. Meditation doesn't numb you, but it will keep you steady.

Focused Attention

Keep your attention where it's needed. Focus on what's important.

Increase Productivity

Spend less time fixated on what is not productive.

Settle Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural feeling. Grasping at something to fear is when problems arise.

Heighten Creativity

Settle discursive thought and maintain awareness on a given set of circumstances.

Improve Memory

Keep the mind calm to allow distractions to exit precious working memory.

How it Works

Improve efficacy through guided meditation
Use the Cycle while you use your computer
Create your meditation nexus
Improve efficacy through guided meditation

First, learn to settle into meditation with the Cycle's stabilizing effect. Then, receive audio guidance to develop mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and craving reduction.

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Use the Cycle for peaceful focus outside of meditation

The Cycle supports you outside of meditation. Through modern theories in attention and learning, the Cycle unconsciously reduces distractions and helps you remember your mindful state. Choose the right intensity for you. Then, cultivate the right mindset for the moment.

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Create your meditation nexus

The association between meditative states and the Cycle strengthens as you grow through a complete library of guided meditations. The Cycle becomes your mental "save point" for your practice, allowing you to pick up where you left off, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

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Meditation Meets Tech

Research has discovered a wide array of benefits of mindfulness meditation.

Increase focus and productivity

Reduce stress and anxiety

Improve emotional regulation

Better sleep

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Cycle FAQ

Wouldn't it distract me?

The Cycle is constant and gentle. Once you know what it is, it stops alerting you. Thanks to perceptual adaptation, you'll see your screen "normally."

Still, we've found that different people prefer different strengths. You'll always be able to find the intensity of your liking.

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How does it help me focus?

According to leading theories of attention, our attention capacity is limited, but that capacity must be filled. If your task isn't occupying the full capacity, you pick up distractions. The Cycle fills empty space so distractions don't reach your attention.

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How can it assist meditation?

Most people are familiar with following the flow of the breath to anchor themselves to the present. This is called "anchoring inside," but you can also "anchor outside," to the flow of the Cycle. You can do it effectively at any time after your first guided meditation.

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From the people behind Lumiate

"Mindfulness is critical to combat the digital distractions which threaten to lower our attention-span and undermine our mental health. But people often do not have the time to sit alone and practice meditation. Lumiate’s new form of light-guided meditation works in the background to help keep the mind calm and focused while you use your computer."

Gregory Seton, PhD

Greg received his PhD from the University of Oxford and teaches Meditation Theory at Dartmouth College.

"As a lifelong meditator, I was surprised at how much the Cycle enhanced my mindfulness as I work. Every time I notice the effect, I breathe deeper and relax. It’s great being able to infuse my work day with mindfulness."

Markus studied psychology at Michigan. A life-long practitioner of Buddhist and yoga meditation traditions, he adds an attuned perspective to the Lumiate in-app experience.

Markus Stobbs

"I always found meditation rewarding but found it difficult to practice when I needed it most. Studying under Dr. Seton while pursing an economics degree  inspired me to create something both mentally rewarding and practical."

James studied Economics at Dartmouth College, inventing the Cycle to make mindfulness therapy easy and efficient.

James Esch Duran

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