of workers admit they feel distracted on the job.1
of workers feel stress on the job.2
are more productive when distractions are reduced.3

Stay focused and relaxed with Lumiate

Prevent anxiety and distraction by using the Lumiate effect as you use your computer. Then, learn how to meditate by shifting your attention to the effect.
Constant Support

Lumiate mitigates anxiety through focus as you use your computer. It's plug and play, and you'll forget that it's even there.

Programmed by Experts

Our meditation program is created to enhance the effect by a PhD specializing in meditative theory.

Science Backed

Our patented approach is built on modern research.

Constant Support

Concentrate on what's in front of you

Like white noise but better, the Lumiate effect crowds out distractions from internal and external sources alike.

Perform color sensitive work
The effect subtly shifts every pixel on screen, preserving relative perception.
Fully adjustable
Adjust intensity and color according to preferences.
Backed by science.
Forster, S., & Lavie, N. (2009). Harnessing the wandering mind: the role of perceptual load.
Immediate Support

Treat stress without losing momentum

Have you ever been stressed and busy? The Lumiate effect mirrors the breath and is set to the optimal frequency for stress reduction. Simply inhale as color increases, and exhale as color decreases for fast relief.

Just sync your breathing
You can continue to use your computer as you maintain the cadence.
Add efficacy with mindfulness
Mindfulness may substitute biofeedback used in HRVB methods.
Backed by science.
Steffen, P. R., Austin, T., DeBarros, A., & Brown, T. (2017). The Impact of Resonance Frequency Breathing on Measures of Heart Rate Variability, Blood Pressure, and Mood.
Indefinite Suppport

Meditate without touching a button

Shift your attention to the Lumiate effect at any moment to snap into a meditation.

Remove workflow disruption
No matter what's on your screen, you can shift your focus to the effect.
Learn through meditation
Our first guided meditation lesson teaches you how to use the effect for meditation.
Backed by science.
Norris, C. J., Creem, D., Hendler, R., & Kober, H. (2018). Brief Mindfulness Meditation Improves Attention in Novices: Evidence From ERPs and Moderation by Neuroticism.
Lasting Support

Get the skills for deeper change

Our no-nonsense audio meditation series is created to support you with the effect. Learn how to meditate through audio-assisted meditation lessons. Then, use the effect at any time to meditate.

Get the basics fast
Get skills fast and use them on your own or with assistance from the effect.
Learn from a leading expert
Progress through a program hand-crafted by an expert PhD in the field.
Apply your skills in any context
We give you the fundamental skills to apply your insights from meditation in all aspects of life.

Meet the team

Lumiate is the product of collaboration between friends and industry experts.
Greg Seton, PhD
Meditation Lead

Greg received his PhD from the University of Oxford and specializes in the theoretical frameworks behind meditation.

James Esch Duran

Health focused and inspired by efficiency, James invented Lumiate to reduce the opportunity cost of mindfulness.

Markus Stobbs
VP Software

A psychology major, Markus is a life long meditation practitioner and avid student of mindfulness meditation.

Yusef Seevers
Meditation Coach

Yusef has taught meditation for over 6 years while building a company advocating body awareness and EQ.

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Why meditation?
Do I need to meditate to use Lumiate?
How does shifting my attention to the effect help me focus?

Life's easier with Lumiate.

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