Try a video-simulated light meditation.

Lumiate's Light Cycle is invisible to screen capture software, so we created a video simulation to help you visualize it.

Calm the mind by using the effect to anchor to the present. You'll settle in before beginning a light meditation.
Calm the mind by using the breath to anchor to the present
Train your ability to maintain peaceful focus by counting breaths.
Maintain focus by letting go of thoughts running through your mind.


Meet the team creating Lumiate's meditations

Greg Seton, PhD

Meditation Design

Greg received his PhD from the University of Oxford and specializes in the theoretical frameworks behind meditation. He currently spends time teaching Meditation Theory at Dartmouth College.

Yusef Seevers

Meditation Coach

Yusef has taught meditation for over 6 years while building a company advocating body awareness and emotional intelligence.

James Esch Duran

Meditation coach

After studying Economics and Buddhism, James invented the Lumiate method to make meditation easier and more accessible during the constant demands of the day.

Plug-in meditation.
Tune into your day.

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